Adinda SO.LEK - SO.LEK Dropship Programme Terms and Conditions


  1. Adinda SO.LEK DROPSHIP PROGRAMME is open to Malaysia region only.
  2. DROPSHIPPER must be 18 years old and above to register.
  3. Registration fee is RM50 and non-refundable upon registration.
  4. 15% commission of total sales will be given to DROPSHIPPER under this programme.
  5. DROPSHIPPER will be included in HQ Telegram group upon registration.
  6. SO.LEK is responsible for basic marketing materials. DROPSHIPPER may come up with own content (HQ approval is required) to create more engagement.
  7. DROPSHIPPER is allowed to sell all SO.LEK’s products that are listed on the website ( at the shown price only.
  8. SO.LEK has the right to withdrew permission to join selected sale or promotional period i.e 1-hour flash sale, cross-sale between Shopee and Website. 
  9. DROPSHIPPER may participate in offline pop-ups promotions by messaging SO.LEK HQ personally.
  10. SO.LEK is responsible to update any new launches, promotions or events.
  11. Any changes in price or promotional discount will be updated in the Telegram group prior of minimum seven (7) days.
  12. DROPSHIPPER must make at least FIVE (5) orders every 30 days to avoid being terminated.
  13. Replication, duplication and counterfeit of SO.LEK’s products, logo and slogans are strictly NOT allowed.
  14. DROPSHIPPER is encouraged to promote online via registered page e.g Instagram.
  15. DROPSHIPPER is encouraged to include SO.LEK in the bio of their own page.
  16. DROPSHIPPER may opt for self-pickup at SO.LEK HQ.
  17. All damage that happens during delivery is not SO.LEK’s responsibility.
  18. All classes or mentoring programs will be updated from time to time.
  19. SO.LEK will offer incentives in terms of monetary values or materials subject to the DROPSHIPPER'S performance. 
  20. SO.LEK has the right to change or cancel the incentive without prior notice. 
  21. SO.LEK has the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  1. DROPSHIPPER collects customer details. Order will be done through own platform (Instagram, Whatsapp etc). 
  2. What to collect? - Name, Shipping Address, Email, Contact Number, Order, etc. (A template will be given to DROPSHIPPER).
  3. DROPSHIPPER needs to register an account on SO.LEK’s website.
  4. Upon receiving order, DROPSHIPPER will need to place the order on SO.LEK’s website and give the Order ID to customer.
  5. Payment to be done to SO.LEK’s bank account below with the Order ID as recipient’s reference. Please collect the proof of payment from each customer.
  Account Number: 5627 4013 9131
         Bank Name: Maybank

  1. In the case of missing payments, SO.LEK HQ will get in touch with DROPSHIPPER for the proof of payment.
  2. SO.LEK HQ will deliver on the next working day and update the tracking number via email.
  3. Commission will be credited to your account every two weeks e.g 15th and last day of every month.

  1. All information obtained by you, whether directly or indirectly, in the course of the contract are to be treated with strictest confidence. Should your services be terminated early whether by you or SO.LEK, you shall undertake not to divulge such information to any third party accordingly.

  2. Information includes but not limited to:
  • Commission rates
  • Customer details including purchase history
  • Conditions in the contract
    1. You should always sell at the fixed prices for each product. Any discrepancies or miscalculation will be at your cost.
    2. Should it be found that DROPSHIPPER violates any rules, the contract will automatically be terminated without notice.
    3. SO.LEK will take necessary action in the case of a breach of this contract. 

     Product Normal Price (RM) Dropship Agent's Commission 15% (RM)
    Celak Eyeliner 29.00 4.35
    Alis 3-in-1 Brow Shaper 35.00 5.25
    Lentik Mascara 39.00 5.85
    Gincu Lip Cream 39.00 5.85
    Moisturiser 39.00 5.85
    Lipstik Bullet Lipsticks 45.00 6.75
    Bubble Cleanser 45.00 6.75
    Kilat Nail Polish 49.00 7.35
    Mekar Cushion Blusher 49.00 7.35
    Mini Kilat Set 69.00 10.35
    *Commission will be given based on the sale price.