Adinda SO.LEK Dropship FAQS

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1. How to create an account?

Create an account using your email, verify it and you're done!

2. Can we use the same account we use for personal purchases?

Preferably, no. This is to avoid confusion when HQ is tracking transactions. If you still choose to do so, please add in note/instruction to seller  (Your cart) "DROPSHIP" for each order.

3. What is the ordering process?


Hi thank you for your interest in SO.LEK Cosmetics! To proceed, would you please fill in these details:

Contact number:

Shipping is RM8 for Semenanjung and RM15 for Sabah and Sarawak. I will follow up with the payment details and your order ID soon :)

After getting the the details, follow with the order creation:

  • Go to item’s page and Add to Cart
  • Once items are finalised, click Check Out
  • Fill in the customer’s details in Shipping Address (You will have to edit this for each order)
  • Key in discount code (if applicable)
  • Choose Bank Deposit as payment method
  • CONFIRM PAYMENT - you will get the Order ID

Once order is finalised, reply to the customer with the following:

Your total is RMxxx. You may bank in the full amount to

5627 4013 9131

Key in the order ID _ in the receipient’s reference.

4. What address should I enter for billing address when placing the order?

The billing address and the shipping address should be the same which is customer's address.

5. Can dropshipper make payment on behalf of customers?

No. All payment must be made by the customer directly to HQ.

6. What will happen if customer decides to cancel their order?

Dropshipper can inform HQ the order ID and we will cancel it for you.

7. What should I do if my customer change his/her address after I have placed the order on the website? 

If your customer change his/her address after you have placed the order on the website, please inform SO.LEK HQ immediately before postage is made. 

8. Can I combine postage for my orders if I have to make another order on the website? 

Yes, you may. If you have already placed one order on the website and you would like to make a second order to a similar address, just choose "Pick Up" and add "Combine postage with (Insert order ID)" at the note section. 



1. How long will it take for items to arrive to customers? 

Items will take 1-3 business days to arrive for deliveries within Semenanjung Malaysia and 3-5 business days for deliveries to Sabah and Sarawak. 

2. How do I check my  customer's order status? 

Dropshippers can check their customer's order status by clicking "My Account" and you can see your order history from there.

Payment Status
Fulfilment Status
Completed order
Canceled order 
Waiting for payment  Pending


3. How much is the shipping cost for deliveries to customers?

For deliveries to Semenanjung Malaysia, it is RM 8 and for Sabah and Sarawak it is RM 13.

4. How much is the shipping cost for deliveries to dropshippers? 

Dropshippers can place order for deliveries to their own address however, for deliveries that weighs more than 2 kg, an additional RM 8 will be charged for every extra 1 kg . 

5. Can dropshippers provide cash on delivery (COD) services to their customers? 

Yes, dropshippers can provide cash on delivery (COD) services to their customers and charge their own rates accordingly. However, the shipping cost from SO.LEK Cosmetics' HQ to the dropshippers will be borne by the dropshippers themselves. 


1. Can we take marketing materials (Artwork, Caption, etc) from SO.LEK Cosmetics' Instagram/Facebook page/ Website? 

Yes, feel free to take any marketing materials that we post on our Instagram/Facebook/ Website to post on your own business platforms but all the materials are only allowed to be use for marketing purposes and with SO.LEK Cosmetics' permission. 

2. How do I get more marketing materials to promote on my business platforms? 


All necessary marketing materials (Catalogue, Product Photos, Product description, etc) will all be uploaded in the Google Drive. Just click on the above link to access the files. 


1. Is KILAT Halal Certified? 

KILAT is still awaiting for its Halal Certification. 

2. Are all SO.LEK Cosmetics' products KKM approved? 

Yes, all our products are KKM approved. 

3. What does water-permeable for KILAT mean?

KILAT is water-permeable as it is specially formulated to allow moisture to seep through the nails even with nail polish on. However, to ensure its effectiveness it is advised that users wear up to 2 coatings only. 

4. What does "breathable" for KILAT mean?

Breathable simply means that oxygen can pass through the nail polish making the nails healthier and quicker drying time. 

5. Is KILAT wudhu' friendly?

The term wudhu' friendly means that it can be easily removed and reapplied. Therefore, it is wudhu' friendly as our KILAT is peelable. However, never advice customers to use KILAT during prayers/ablution (Wudhu') as it should depend on their confidence as a Muslim.